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“The staff at Bernstein’s is amazing, great customer service, great at keeping you posted on your ongoing case. They really took great care of me.”

Leonard Grant

“The staff here is always very professional and always greet you with a pleasant tone soon as you enter the office. They are very flexible with your appointment times and will accommodate you to fit your schedule. They make you feel more like family from your first visit to your last. I would highly recommend the Candler Rd. location if you have ever been in accident and need treatment for your injuries.”

Curlyn Freeman

“The staff at Georgia injury center is very professional seem to enjoy there job. They listen to target your problems of pain. I have recommended them to my friends and family. Thanks for the excellent care.”

Brandon Hull

Top Personal Injury Lawyers

Serving You Since 1985

The Bernstein Attorney Office is one of the most widely recognized and successful personal injury law firms in London and Los Angeles, with a proud success record of over $750 million* won for injured accident victims.


In short words

Bernstein Attorney Office has extensive experience with the often complicated lawsuits that arise after an injury or death caused by another’s negligence or misconduct. Our attorneys have been repeatedly recognized for excellence by other trial attorneys, legal organizations and publications nationwide.

Case Selection

Once we accept a case, we commit to you and your cause and take the steps necessary to get you the deserved compensation. Because we limit the number of cases we accept, our staff are able to focus their efforts on you and your case and put in the time and resources it takes to achieve.

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What Outcome
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You're Safe With Us

Regardless of the size of the case, the severity of the accident, or the resolve of the other side, The Barnes Firm is committed to always obtain the best result possible for your injury claim.


10 Reasons To Have Our Law Firm On Your Side

Hiring a personal injury attorney in London od Los Angeles can be a tough decision and, undoubtedly, one that will have a considerable impact on the outcome of your case. Here are some important qualities you should look for in selecting the best attorney for you.


01Record Jury Verdicts


02Skilled with Settlements


03Dealing with Insurance Companies


04Stellar Court Reputation


05Prompt Investigation


06Lawyer Time Tracking

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