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“I am a mother of small children and was really hurt in a car accident and didn’t know what to do. Going to the doctor and spending hours on the phone with the insurance companies left me stretched too thin. I am so happy I called Hurt 911! I didn’t have time to sit down with a lawyer so they sent me easy to fill-out forms in my email and spent the time to listen to me and help arrange for childcare and help around the house and I didn’t have to pay for it! Then they got me a great settlement. I would definitely tell anyone to call Hurt 911 if they have been in a car accident. ”

Marci B.

“When I woke-up in the ambulance the police were saying I ran a stop sign and caused the accident. I am a careful driver and just couldn’t believe it. I called the 1-800-HURT911 law firm and within a few hours they proved that the police had the cars backwards on their report. They collected over $100,000.00 for me for a broken leg and that really helped because I had to miss time from work. Don’t call anyone else! ”

Roderick J.

“I had two accidents that were not my fault and was injured. The insurance company didn’t want to pay for the second accident saying my injuries were all from the first one. After my lawyers filed a lawsuit the insurance company changed their tune real fast. I am so happy I hired these guys because they never gave-up and pushed until I got paid.”

Tianna L.

“These guys know how to ring the bell! I got hit and saw a chiropractor for a few months for a stiff and sore neck and back and I walked with $18,000.00 in my pocket! Great Job guys! ”

Fred G.

We Keep Our Clients Satisfied

Serving You Since 1985

The Bernstein Attorney Office is one of the most widely recognized and successful personal injury law firms in London and Los Angeles, with a proud success record of over $750 million* won for injured accident victims.

We Keep Our Clients Satisfied

Quotes From Our Respectful Clients

“This is hard to write. My husband was killed in an accident leaving me and our 6 month old. Metro Law/Hurt911 sued the other driver and the bar he was drinking in and when my son turns 18 he will have over $1,500,000.00 available to him. The law firm also got me $750,000.00 for this horrible loss. They collected the maximum amount of insurance that was available! I wasn’t going to call anyone and I am so glad I did. ”

Rebecca S.

“Look no further for a lawyer. These guys came to my home to meet me, did all the paperwork and helped me get a rental car. They explained the whole process and I could always get ahold of Dan and Paul if I had any questions. We went to Arbitration and they destroyed the other side. Nice down payment for my new house! ”

Bobby J.

“This was my first accident but I had prior surgery to my back. The insurance company said the accident just barely aggravated things even though I needed another surgery. They offered me less than $5000.00. I hired the lawyer and he met with my surgeon and got a report from him. The insurance company ended up paying $350,000.00 to settle the case. I highly recommend Hurt911 / Metro Law to anyone who has been in a car accident. I couldn’t have done this on my own. They have more than 30 years of experience and know what they are doing! ”

Tammy C.
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