Some dog breeds are naturally more aggressive, and about 92% of all dog attacks involve male, unneutered dogs. Many dog attacks occur because the dog is poorly trained or abused.

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Minneapolis Dog Bite Lawyer Fighting for Relief for Victims of Animal Attacks

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Every year, the insurance industry pays out more than a billion dollars in dog bite claims. The Centers for Disease Control records that approximately 4.7 million people are attacked by dogs every year in the United States alone. About 800,000 of those victims will need medical attention, and 400,000 will need emergency treatment.

Case Selection

If a dog owner displayed negligent behavior, he or she may be liable for the actions of his or her pet. Here is an example: A dog owner knew that his dog could be vicious, but allowed him to roam free in a park. When a jogger approached, the dog lunged, biting her in the leg. In this case, the courts will most likely rule the owner responsible because he should have had his dog on a leash.

Facts & Stats

Minnesota does not have a statewide leash law, so the courts take other factors into consideration. They will evaluate where the attack occurred, whether or not the victim provoked the attack, and whether or not the owner tried to prevent the attack.

What to Do When Bitten

If you were injured by an animal, take photos of the bite and seek medical attention immediately. Doctors’ records may become essential when fighting your case. Make sure to collect contact information and insurance information from the pet’s owner.

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Frequently asked questions for dog bites lawyer in Minnesota

What happens when a dog bites someone in Minnesota?

If a dog, without provocation, attacks or injures any person who is acting peaceably in any place where the person may lawfully be, the owner of the dog is liable in damages to the person so attacked or injured to the full amount of the injury sustained.

What about my medical bills?

Renters or Homeowners insurance may cover your bills – call us now to talk through your options

Is Minnesota a strict liability state for dog bites?

Minnesota has a “strict liability” rule for dog bites. This means that even if the owner didn’t know that the dog would act aggressively, attack, or bite, the dog owner can be held liable for injuries as long as the requirements in the statute are met.

What is the statute of limitations for a dog bite in Minnesota?

Minnesota Dog Bite Statute of Limitations.Dog bite lawsuits in Minnesota are subject to a six-year statute of limitations under Minn. Stat. § 541.05, meaning that you generally must file a lawsuit in civil court before the sixth anniversary of the attack to preserve your right to take legal action.

I healed up but now have scars.

Skin scarring is a huge component in collecting money for the dog attack. Call us to talk through the best way to recover money for your injury.

What is a provoked dog bite?

Provocation simply refers to a situation where a dog is incited, encouraged, or provoked into biting a person. In states where there is strict liability, an owner may use provocation as a defense to the dog bite. Don’t worry – we can help.

I got bit trying to protect my dog.

A person can sue for special damages as well as general damages as a result of the attack. Special damages include past and future medical expenses, damage to property and past and future loss of income. General damages include pain and suffering, loss of amenities of life, disability and disfigurement.

Is a dog always at fault when it bites a person?

Even a so-called non-aggressive dog can have a bad moment and become reactive and bite someone. The law says that If a dog bites a person then the owner of the dog is liable and there is also no need for the claimant to prove fault, negligence or intention.

What can you do if a dog attacks your dog?

If you were bitten too – There are a few steps you can focus on after an attack to protect your safety and your legal rights.
Identify the dog’s owner.
Contact animal control.
Get treatment for your injuries.
Gather evidence of the attack.
Contact an experienced dog bite attorney.

What about bites from other animals?

Call us for help – we handle all animal attack cases.

Is Minnesota a strict liability state?

It is important to note that because Minnesota is a strict liability state regarding dog bites it is an uphill battle for the defendant or their insurance company to assert these defenses.

They are protecting their food
They are feeling startled
They are in pain
They are protecting their puppies
They are afraid
They are protecting their owner
They are guarding their property

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